Gios Condominiums is located in Petworth at 5224 4th Street, NW - this is a tree-lined street in a neighborhood loaded with upside for the first time home buyer.

You're located near Petworth attractions with neighboring Brightwood and Fort Totten contributing positive residential development and new retail/dining offerings. This new building is also very close to Kennedy Street’s expanding retail and dining options. This neighborhood has easy access to Fort Totten METRO and Petworth METRO lines. 

The condo and townhome market for Petworth is healthy, with just over 200 units in the neighborhood selling in 2016 at an average of $627,350 each.  

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Kennedy Street has a pulse all of its own and has developed into a vibrant neighborhood

Units at Gios Condominiums are priced right for Petworth! There's a lot of value to be enjoyed in these homes!

Fort Totten offers a large amount of new retail development + more on the way

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